Latvian traditonal summer festival Jani

During the magic Jāni!

During the magic Jāni – the most widely celebrated Latvian traditonal festival – Riga offers the visitors from all around the world to experience the summer solstice's dizzying atmosphere!

The guides of the agency SmileLine will help you choose from the wide variety of the offers of the festival.

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Jāni – the most widely celebrated Latvian traditonal festival

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Explore Riga with a smile together with the guide agency SMILE LINE! You are kindly welcome to Riga! Guide agency Smile Line will be happy to offer you different tours of Riga tailored to your needs and wishes.

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Smile Line provides guided tours in Riga and Latvia in 14 different languages. Be it walking, bus, bicycle or kayak tours, we have them all! Our professional guides will also give you advice on things to do in Riga while you are here. Our main aim is to make the visitors of our city so happy and informed that they will remember this experience and keep good memories of Latvia forever!

We highly recommend the following tours:

Price: starting from 25 EUR

The best bits of Riga!

The bus drives along the embankment of the River Daugava, providing a wonderful panoramic view of the city with its medieval church towers and the Riga Castle. Even today, the city preserves the symbols of the Soviet time – the Monument of the Latvian Riflemen and the Occupation Museum, the Academy of Sciences and the restored Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which used to be a planetarium under the Soviet regime. It proceeds through the historical centre of the city to the Art Nouveau district, Albert Street – a real open-air museum of architecture, where the most explicit collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe is located.

Price: starting from 25 EUR

Reveal the treasures of Art Nouveau in Riga!

Art Nouveau in Riga Don’t go to a jewellery shop to look for pearls, you will find them in Riga!
Old Riga becomes even more appealing when you lift your eyes from the old cobblestone pavements to the magnificent facades and rooftops of the buildings- you will discover a whole new world of exquisite beauty, old myths and compelling legends.

Come and feel the taste of Riga!

Riga Central Market – a unique world of flavours, tastes and colours!

The fate of the Jewish community in the course of time.

Jewish Riga, You will get information about the Jewish history in Latvia from 16th century till now. The tour includes visits to the Old Choral Synagogue, the former ghetto territory and the old Jewish cemetery. It was a part of the Jewish ghetto during Nazi occupation.

Price: starting from 20 EUR

Ghosts and legends of Riga Follow the path of the Ghost of Riga!

A journey through Riga’s scariest tales on a ghostly walking tour. Explore the eerie, winding cobblestone streets of Riga’s Old Town. Experience the ghastly histories of people walled up alive in the churches and fortifications of Old Riga. Discover the stories and sites of witch trials, pagan rituals and executions. Hear tales of haunted places and even meet the Ghost of Riga!

We can also take you outside of Riga!

Popular Day Trips from Riga (Pick- up right at the port)

PRIVATE TOURS to Jurmala, Sigulda, Rundale and Salaspils and Rumbula.

Price: starting from 85 EUR

Jurmala - a spa free of charge - Jurmala!

Jurmala is a city by the Gulf of Riga and the largest seaside resort in the Baltics, just 20 km from Riga. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the sunshine, sea breeze, culture and unique architecture.

Price: starting from 95 EUR

Sigulda - The Latvian Switzerland!

This one- day tour will take you to Gauja National Park known as the Switzerland of Latvia. You will also enjoy the picturesque countryside, a nature park, and visit 3 medieval castles with your guide.

Price: starting from 95 EUR

Rundale - I wish I were a Duke/Duchess....

The tour will take you to a magnificent Baroque palace designed by Rastrelli and its French regular garden with beautiful fountains, trees and flowerbeds.

Price: starting from 55 EUR

Salaspils and Rumbula - Tragic fate of Jews.

Rumbula Forest Memorial is a place where the old pine trees witnessed the mass extermination of thousands of Jews during World War II. Nowadays the memorial in the shape of the Star of David with a Menorah in the centre invites people to commemorate the tragic fate of the Jews. Don’t miss Salaspils Memorial Ensemble, the former Nazi labour camp, with gigantic Soviet-style sculptures and an inscription on the concrete wall “The earth moans beyond these gates“. This incredibly peaceful place surrounded by thick forests used to be the site of experiments, exploitation and death.