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What to do in Riga in March

Exhibition "Body Poetry. Isadora Duncan, Raymond Duncan and the Plastic Dance Tradition in Latvia During the 1920s and 1930s"

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05 MAR – 29 DEC

Place: Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova Museum
Address: Elizabetes iela 57a, dz.26

American artist and dance teacher Angela Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) is the most famous leader of modern dance. His brother, dancer and artist Raymond Duncan (1874-1966), encouraged him and plastic dance to become part of his philosophy of life. Both draw inspiration from ancient Greek art and culture, which is reflected in their dancing and costumes (the shirts and tunics that Isadora and Raymond wear on stage every day).

Isadora Duncan abandons dance forms and explores new concepts and foundations for dance. Unlike classical ballet dancers, performers in this new dance are barefoot and move freely, often improvising. Isadora draws inspiration from nature: the change of trees, the sound of waves, the shifting of clouds and the flight of birds. Describing a dance evening in Riga, a Latvian journalist once called it “body poetry”.

The exhibition includes works by Aleksandra Beļcova from the collection of the R. Suta and A. Beļcova Museum, photographs from the collection of records and music museums, and paintings by Raymond Duncan from the collection of the Lithuanian Theatre, Vilnius Museum of Music and Art. Self-portrait by Tsuguharu Fujita from the Film Museum and Latvia’s own collection.

Exhibition Irons

Exhibition Irons

The exhibition will present the most extraordinary metal samples from the private collection of Dmitrijs Zaicevs; all of which are used for delicate lace, women’s gloves, etc. It was used for ironing. The

exhibition will also showcase many innovations in clothing care. A special feature is the Art Nouveau metal heater. The ironing exhibition will also be accompanied by beautiful and colorful posters and posters from the Ilona Jahimoviča collection.

Dmitrijs Zaicevs’ metal products have been successfully installed for over 15 years and include products from the United States, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other countries.

18 JAN – 17 MAR
Tickets: EUR 3.00 – EUR 5.00
Place: Riga Art Nouveau Centre
Address: Alberta iela 12



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Exhibition - The Smile of the Sphinx

The paintings by Anita Paegle to be displayed in the exhibition are illustrations for Māra Cielēna’s book The Smile of the Sphinx of Alberta, which depicts the decorations and stained-glass windows of Art Nouveau buildings on Alberta Street and inhabits the streets.

Alberta Street, the jewel of Riga’s Art Nouveau movement, is mentioned in almost all tourist information about Latvia, popular with tourists and artists. The Art Nouveau decoration on the building’s facade is featured in Māra Cielēna’s book about The Lost Smile of the Sphinx. The beautiful images are exciting and entertaining, encouraging readers to focus on Riga’s relationship with world culture and art.

03 FEB – 06 APR
Place: Riga Art Nouveau Centre
Address: Alberta iela 12

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Tu: 10:00 – 18:00
We: 10:00 – 18:00
Th: 10:00 – 18:00
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Show "La Bande à Tyrex"

Show La Bande à Tyrex 2
Show La Bande à Tyrex 2

21 MAR 2024 19:00
22 MAR 2024 19:00
23 MAR 2024 19:00

Tickets: EUR 17.00 – EUR 35.00

The French group “La Bande à Tyrex”, consisting of nine cyclists and musicians, performed rotation, excitement and joy on the bike.

You will see yourself riding a wild horse pedal, accompanied by music that will make you happy.

Place: Riga Circus
Address: Merķeļa iela 4

Fair at Kalnciema Quarter

Fair at Kalnciema Quarter 2

02 MAR 2024 10:00- 16:00
09 MAR 2024 10:00- 16:00
16 MAR 2024 10:00- 16:00
23 MAR 2024 10:00- 16:00
30 MAR 2024 10:00- 16:00

Tickets: Free entrance

Kalnciema Quarter Market
Address: Kalnciema iela 35

Every Saturday, Latvian farmers sell local products at the Kalnciema Neighborhood Fair, while artisans sell unique handicrafts. Children are invited to attend free workshops and ride the colorful carousel. The fair’s theme changes with the start of the festival season and includes concerts, exhibitions, open-air shows and other events.

“There is an incident on the highway that makes the center of Riga a big problem for everyone who comes to Riga,” said Kārlis and Mārtiņš, the owners of the community, home decoration and real life. Dambergs. “Kalnciema Quarter is like the charming face of the Riga dress and we are very happy to have the opportunity to capture it.” This brooch shines especially during festivals.

Children can take part in various creative workshops, enjoy the hoops, taste homemade ice cream and sleep in bed; and adults can admire the delicious products (tea, jam, mint), meat, meat from local farms and producers. fish and other products).

Also, every guest knows that they should come to the exhibition hungry. We offer a variety of local crafts and jewelry, as well as crafts, glass and more for sale.

You are kindly welcome to Riga!

You are kindly welcome to Riga!

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