Wooden Riga on foot - Kipsala

Philosophers' house ...are you wondering who lived there!

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€ 30

Wooden Riga on foot - Kipsala

On this tour you will have the opportunity to explore Ķīpsala, a historic fishing village on the bank of the River Daugava. UNESCO has recognized the unique heritage of Riga’s wooden architecture and part of it can be explored on Ķīpsala, the central island of the River Daugava. Several buildings have been restored to their original appearance, some of them have been moved there from the center of Riga to save them from destruction. Ķīpsala is a unique place for a slow walk. You’ll have a stroll along the bank of the Daugava and enjoy the magnificent views of the Old Town, Suspension bridge, Riga Port and other buildings on the right bank of the river.

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on request one day before


On foot

2 h

3 km


€30 *

* Starting from 2 persons


Old buildings are like old people- full of memories. They have their own faces and their own fates, their walls are saturated with all the scents surrounding people’s homes.This tour will make you realise that the walls of the old buildings are alive and have a lot to tell you.

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Tour price
€ 30
Tour start time
on request
Duration of the tour
2 h
Starting from
2 persons

Highlighted points

  • Town Hall Square,
  • Lielais Kristaps,
  • Ķīpsala wooden building,
  • House of Philosophers,
  • Gypsum factory.
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  • Guide service

Tour rules

  • Due to objective reasons, our excursions may experience route changes.
  • Walking tour should be booked at least a day in advance. (Does not apply to regular tours.)
  • From 01.04 to 01.10, 12.00.PM; from 1.10 to 1.04, 11.00.PM.
  • Day trips should be booked at least two days in advance. Guide/driver in one person.
  • Art Nouveau excursion at 15.00 will be available from 01.04. to 01.10.; from 1.10. to 1.04. is possible at 13.00 on request.
  • Meeting point – Townhall square 7, guide agencys „Smile line” office in the House of Black Heads.
  • Daily excursions are available in 4 main languages – EN, RU, LV, DE, languages available on request – SV, NO, PO, ES, PT, IT, JA, FR.
  • During bad weather we offer umbrellas.
  • Children under 6 can join excursions for free.

Tour starting point



1. Is it possible to book a tour for a single person?

Yes, it is. We do tours also for individual travellers. 

2. How long in advance can I cancel a tour?

You can cancel a tour 24 hours before it. 

3. Are there any discounts for children?

For pre-school children the tours are free of charge, for schoolchildren- half-price.

4. Can the guide pick me up at the hotel?

Yes, it can be arranged on request

5. How far from the city centre is Smile Line office?

It’s about 5-10 minute walk from the city centre

6. How can I get to the Smileline office?

Just look for the Blackheads’ House on the Town Hall Square. Our office is situated right  inside the building, the door on the left. 

7. What is the address of your office?

The address is Rātslaukums 7, Riga, Latvia

8. What are the office' s working hours?

Every day from 9.30 am – 3pm

9. Is it possible to confirm/cancel a tour just during office hours?

No, you can reach our office by phone or Whatsapp out of working hours till 20.00 pm 

10. Is it possible to have a coffee or lunch break during day tours?

Yes, it is. The guide will recommend the best places to have a coffee or lunch during the tour.

11.Is it possible to confirm/cancel a tour just during office hours?

No, you can reach our office by phone or Whatsapp out of working hours till 20.00 pm

12. What is the difference between morning and evening tours?

You will get more detailed information on the 2-hour tour and have more time to ask questions.


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