Ogre - Touch of nature

Amazing life energy source!

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Ogre - Touch of nature

Driving along the river Daugava the guide will tell you about Latvia, it’s nature, life in the countryside and the habits of the Latvian people. We will stop at Ikšķile, St. Meinard‘s Island – the first holy place in the territory of Latvia. We will also stop at the Carmelite monastery, the first enclosed monastery in Latvia since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. The nuns of the Barefoot Carmelite Monastery spend days and nights in silence, except for one hour after lunch and dinner when they gather to talk and engage in handicraft. Next, the bus will drive through Ogre and you will see the contrasts of the town where 19th-century summer cottages stand side by side with buildings typical of the Soviet time. Ogre countryside is an astonishing combination of local architecture, nature and tastes. We invite you to have a walk through the dendrological park “Lazdukalns” and enjoy the scent of the old Ogre pine trees. You will have the opportunity to taste thirty different types of fresh soft cheese at one of the most popular dairy plants in Latvia “Siera Štelle” and have lunch in their cafe”Siera Studija “ You will have an opportunity to visit Ogre Classic Car Museum. More than one hundred items are on display in the museum-cars, mototbikes and bicycles, a 1935 Ford Eifel and several BMW, Mercedez Benz and Audi models from 1930s and 1940s among them. There is also a unique exhibition of cars of the Soviet era.The tour will then proceed to Keguma Cross Hill. Healers believe it to be an ancient sacred site. It’s one of the strongest points of the cosmic energy in Latvia where you will be able to charge your life with energy. Once, the hill was a venue for the gatherings of Christians as there was no church in Ķegums. The first cross was installed on the hill-top on 20 July 1997. In the course of time, more crosses were placed on the hill, and now a cross procession is held there in June every year. At the end of this wonderful day the cozy local country pub “Oskrogs” invites you to have dinner in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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on request


On foot, By transport

5 h

52 km


€95 *

* Starting from 4 persons


Let’s find out the mysteries of the name of the city of Ogre. Maybe we will meet the man-eating giant – Ogre? How did the migrant workers from Vietnam live and work in Ogre during the Soviet era? Let’s enjoy the splendours of the Dendrological Park Lazdukalns and witness the long-lasting spirit of it’s creators. And then, there is a mystical plant which can be found even as an ingredient of French facial creams.

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Tour price
€ 95
Tour start time
on request
Duration of the tour
5 h
Starting from
4 persons

Highlighted points

  • Ikskile Monastery
  • Meinard’s Island
  • Ikšķile stone
  • Dubkalni tower
  • Beautiful scenery around Dubkalni
  • Historical cottages
  • Ogre bridges
  • Ogre promenades
  • Dendrological Park
  • Ķegums Cross Hill
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  • Guide service
  • Transport costs

Tour rules

  • Due to objective reasons, our excursions may experience route changes.
  • Walking tour should be booked at least a day in advance. (Does not apply to regular tours.)
  • From 01.04 to 01.10, 12.00.PM; from 1.10 to 1.04, 11.00.PM.
  • Day trips should be booked at least two days in advance. Guide/driver in one person.
  • Art Nouveau excursion at 15.00 will be available from 01.04. to 01.10.; from 1.10. to 1.04. is possible at 13.00 on request.
  • Meeting point – Townhall square 7, guide agencys „Smile line” office in the House of Black Heads.
  • Daily excursions are available in 4 main languages – EN, RU, LV, DE, languages available on request – SV, NO, PO, ES, PT, IT, JA, FR.
  • During bad weather we offer umbrellas.
  • Children under 6 can join excursions for free.

Tour starting point



1. Is it possible to book a tour for a single person?

Yes, it is. We do tours also for individual travellers. 

2. How long in advance can I cancel a tour?

You can cancel a tour 24 hours before it. 

3. Are there any discounts for children?

For pre-school children the tours are free of charge, for schoolchildren- half-price.

4. Can the guide pick me up at the hotel?

Yes, it can be arranged on request

5. How far from the city centre is Smile Line office?

It’s about 5-10 minute walk from the city centre

6. How can I get to the Smileline office?

Just look for the Blackheads’ House on the Town Hall Square. Our office is situated right  inside the building, the door on the left. 

7. What is the address of your office?

The address is Rātslaukums 7, Riga, Latvia

8. What are the office' s working hours?

Every day from 9.30 am – 3pm

9. Is it possible to confirm/cancel a tour just during office hours?

No, you can reach our office by phone or Whatsapp out of working hours till 20.00 pm 

10. Is it possible to have a coffee or lunch break during day tours?

Yes, it is. The guide will recommend the best places to have a coffee or lunch during the tour.

11.Is it possible to confirm/cancel a tour just during office hours?

No, you can reach our office by phone or Whatsapp out of working hours till 20.00 pm

12. What is the difference between morning and evening tours?

You will get more detailed information on the 2-hour tour and have more time to ask questions.


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