Top 11 Free places in Riga

Top 11 free places in Riga!

Looking to explore Riga without the expense!

Here’s the list of free things in Riga – exciting places to visit and things to do without paying a single euro.

You are kindly welcome to Riga!
  1. Popular jazz melodies performed by talented musicians.
    Place: the garden of the small Guild.
    Time: every Thursday at 17.00.
  2. Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Monument of Freedom.
    Time: every hour from 10.-16.00.
  3. Riga Central Market.
    Of course, buying something in the market is certainly not free, but you’re welcome to wander around it and enjoy the atmosphere and colors of this exciting place.
  4. The Latvian War Museum located in the Powder Tower in Old Riga, it is the biggest military history museum with an extensive and impressive collection.
  5. Reveal the treasures of Art Nouveau in Riga! You will walk along the famous Alberta Street, where you can see various Art Nouveau buildings.
  6. Walk through beautiful parks along the City Canal.
    7.Wooden Riga on foot – Kipsala. On this tour you will have the opportunity to explore Ķipsala, a historic fishing village on the bank of the river Daugava.
  7. Āgenskalns Market is the oldest and largest market in the Āgenskalns suburb of Riga, and it has been granted state cultural monument status.
  8. Kipsala is a unique place for a slow walk. You’ll have a stroll along the bank of the Daugava and enjoy the magnificent views of the Old Town, Suspension bridge, Riga Port and other buildings on the right bank of the river.
  9. The three houses had long been called the Three Brothers. The buildings, now house the Museum of Architecture and the National Center for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.
  10. Explore the Small guild of Riga – The interior of the Small Guild is noteworthy and abundant. The hall, lobby and staircase floors are lined with terrazzo mosaics.
  11. Opposite the Old Town, on the left bank of the Daugava, rises the building of the National Library of Latvia or the Castle of Light. This is one of the most significant cultural buildings in the history of restored Latvia.