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Christmas markets in Riga 2023

Christmas market in Āgenskalns

Christmas market at the modernized Āgenskalns market! Little surprises and discoveries await you around every corner: unexpected flavors, fascinating stories and personalities, stalls from all over Latvia, freshly baked gingerbread, hot drinks, warm knitwear and original gifts.
Here you can chat with family and friends over mulled wine, enjoy lunch or brunch at the upstairs cafe, and enjoy the market and Christmas atmosphere all month long.

Christmas Market at Kalnciema Quarter

The Christmas market is held in the courtyard of a restored 19th-century wooden building in the Kalnciema district and offers unique, high-quality, delicious and aromatic gifts. Visitors can enjoy the real Christmas atmosphere with family and friends over mulled wine and hot food prepared on site.
In addition, a contemporary ceramics pop-up shop will be held at the gallery in the Kalnciema district, where well-known and emerging Latvian ceramic brands will participate. Here you can chat with family and friends over mulled wine, enjoy lunch or brunch at the upstairs cafe, and enjoy the market and Christmas atmosphere all month long.

Riga Christmas Market

The week before Christmas is a particularly good time to spend in Riga. At traditional Christmas markets, which start on the first Sunday of Christmas, aromas of cinnamon, ginger and roasted almonds fill the air and mulled wine is preferred. This year Riga Christmas Markets will be more exciting than ever.

There will be a visit to Santa’s house, Santa’s helpers will entertain guests, and children will have the chance to write letters to Santa Claus himself! Every Friday, a DJ will entertain guests during the Christmas market. On Saturdays, a choir and a music ensemble will play, and on Sundays, folk music will be playing. The market will be served by caterers who will serve cocktails, sweets, and delicacies. The menu will include modern and winter street-food as well as Latvian traditional cuisine.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for your family and friends? Look no further! Local Latvian craftsmen will be selling candles made of beeswax, various kinds of creative kits (like kits for making acrylic dishes, kits for making door-wreaths, kits for knotting supplies, kits for making wall decorations, and kits for casting candles), as well as many traditional gifts such as gingerbread, socks, and wool gloves. It’s almost too beautiful to believe! re will be Santa’s house to visit, Santa’s little helpers will entertain visitors, and kids will have the opportunity to send letters to Lapland itself! A DJ will amuse customers every Friday throughout the Christmas market, choirs and music ensembles will perform on Saturdays, and folk music will fill the market on Sundays! The caterers will provide special cocktails, sweets and delicacies, modern and wintery street-food menus, as well as traditional Latvian cuisine. Are you looking for a unique gift to give your loved ones for Christmas? Well, this is the place where you should be – local Latvian artisans will offer beeswax candles, various creative kits (such as kits for producing acrylic dishes and door wreaths), knotting supply kits, kits for wall decor, and for casting candles, among other things. Of course, there will also be many traditional gifts like gingerbread and socks and gloves made of wool. Every visitor to the city needs to see it to believe it; it is almost too lovely to be real.

Working time:
Monday-Thursday: 11:00 – 21:00,
Friday-Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00,
Sundays: 10:00 – 20:00

Christmas Arts & Crafts Market

The event will allow you to get into the holiday spirit, buy unique gifts for yourself and your loved ones, and interact with local craftsmen and artists.

You can find paintings, Christmas tree decorations, accessories, sculptures, fabrics, ceramics, clothes, candles and more in the store. Each item on display is unique and handmade with love and care.

Additionally, warming Christmas drinks will be served throughout the event.

Big Riga Christmas Market at Vērmanes Garden Park

Emotions, smells, tastes, good moods and the best gifts!

At the show, designers, makers and artists from all over Latvia will present beautiful jewelry; leather, glass and ceramic products; beautiful interior design, as well as natural cosmetics and woolen products – gloves, scarves, hats and socks. A selection of candles, sweets and Christmas drinks will also be available.

Christmas Market at the LU Botanical Garden

During the first Advent, Lu Botanical Garden invites everyone to the Christmas market to celebrate the upcoming holidays. 4,444 pieces of hot and delicious home-cooked meals, thoughtful and beautiful New Year’s gifts and surprises for children are waiting for you on November 26! Group
Tirums Folklore will create a happy, festive Christmas.

Christmas fair in Esplanāde

Christmas markets are returning to the beautiful region this year, offering visitors more and more entertainment every day. One of the spots that attracts the most attention from tourists is the “Lavbit Kingdom” located in the middle of the bazaar.
is home to many fluffy rabbits in a large pasture with a small house and even a church. Christmas shoppers will find jewellery, knitwear, woodwork, Christmas decorations, embroidery and products from local artisans such as homemade wine, fudgy cakes, pastries, desserts and more in brightly lit stores. This year there will also be a glowing Ferris wheel with a celebration from above.
Esplanāde Park is a historic city center close to Riga’s most popular attractions (the Statue of Liberty, the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Latvian Academy of Arts, and the Nativity Cathedral, the largest and most visible of the Baltics). In the Esplanade Magnificent Orthodox Cathedral.

You are kindly welcome to Riga!

You are kindly welcome to Riga!

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